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How To Choose The Best Security System For A Small Business

| 2 MAY 2017

Top Requirements For A Small Business Security System

There are many challenges to running a successful small business, largely due to the limited resources and capital. You should invest in a strong business security system to protect your few assets, such as your computer systems, inventory and data, as losing them could devastate your operations. So, how do you determine the best security system for your business?

  1. Determine Your Business’s Security Needs
    The nature of your business should guide your decision about your protection requirements. For instance, the security needs of a jewelry store are quite different from those of a restaurant. Assess your business to identify what needs to be monitored. In some cases, you need to monitor both your employees and the customers, as well as the parking lot or areas outside your business’s premises. Asking yourself the right questions will help you determine whether you need access control, security cameras, fire alarms and other security systems.
  2. Determine Your Budget
    Unfortunately, the cost of a security system is an important consideration for every small business. You should find a solution that offers the most value for your money. Before signing the contract, find out the security features that you are paying for to determine whether they cover all the key security threats to your business.
    Also be sure to confirm how much of the payment is going towards the installation costs, monthly monitoring fees, ongoing maintenance, patrol, and other services that the security company is offering, and carefully consider whether you need them.
  3. Consider Your Recording Resolution Requirements
    The resolution for standard video monitoring systems ranges from 420 lines of resolution to 1080p. 420 is sufficient for monitoring limited areas within 50 feet, but a higher resolution is necessary to clearly view areas beyond this point. You should also consider getting cameras with infrared LEDs for night recording.
  4. Weigh the Different Monitoring Options
    Many businesses are comfortable having a monitoring service that can respond to any alarm situation 24/7. This service is usually connected via a cellular connection or phone line. But just as important is having remote access to live video feeds through your smartphone. Such a system allows you to check in whenever an alarm is triggered to assess the threat level in real-time.

Final Note

It is important to discuss all of the features of your business security system with a security company you trust and feel comfortable with. The most important thing is that you choose to work with a security company that is legally registered and licensed to work in your area. You want them to be nearby when you have a security issue.


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