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Calgary Home Alarm Monitoring Systems

Calgary Alarm is committed to keeping our company operations local. Founded in this great city of Calgary in 1990, Calgary Alarm believes in offering 24/7 live operators to better serve your home and business alarm system needs.

Calgary Alarm has helped set the standards for the home alarm and business security system industry in Alberta.

Since its conception in 1990, Calgary Alarm Group has grown to become the largest privately owned alarm company in Alberta.

With over 64,500 installations – homes and businesses have entrusted Calgary Alarm to safeguard with ULC fire and burglar alarm monitoring, home alarm systems and security camera installations.

With the ever-growing clientele list over the 28 years in service, Calgary Alarm has proven their commitment to the core values of quality, affordability and supporting the local Calgary economy.

As an Underwriters Laboratory of Canada certified installer of fire and burglary alarm systems and holder of ISO 9001:2008 certification, Calgary Alarm has undergone stringent and on-going qualification processes to hold these certifications. Only three alarm companies in Alberta can offer this level of excellence with Calgary Alarm being one of them.

As many companies have begun to outsource their monitoring and customer service to overseas corporations, Calgary Alarm remains true to their roots and hires Calgarians to serve fellow Calgarians while proudly supporting the local economy in every way possible. Calgary Alarm’s Five-Diamond, ULC-approved monitoring station is also proudly Canadian. We pride that we are local, and all our staffing is in the local Calgary area

When you want to do everything you can to safeguard your loved ones, your home and your treasured possessions, you owe it to yourself and your family to talk to us about our services and continuous 24/7 monitoring with our live operators in Calgary.

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