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Business Security

When your vacation home also happens to be the site of your home business, you have to put even more thought into protecting your assets from threats like home invasions, fires or natural disasters.

At Calgary Alarm, we have residential security options that will protect you, your family and your business interests safe from burglaries, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, floods and more. Don’t entrust the monitoring of your property to companies that are only interested in signing you up to a long contract. You’ll find after talking to one of our professionals that we’re not interested in the sale, we’re only interested in keeping you safe.

How Our Solution Works

Your vacation home security needs are important, particularly when you also require business security. Our comprehensive suite of residential security services include the following:

Intrusion Alarm Monitoring: With this service, one of our security technicians will install electronic sensors throughout your vacation property, and the staff in our security monitoring centre will be at the ready to respond to any disturbances 24/7.

Automatic Fire Alarms: With this service, one of our security technicians will install numerous automatic fire alarm sensors throughout strategic places in your home. When the sensors detect even the smallest quantity of smoke, they will electronically notify our security monitoring centre, and our staff will respond appropriately.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring: Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer because it’s a potentially fatal gas that is odourless and invisible, but our Carbon Monoxide Monitoring, which detects carbon monoxide by way of electronic sensors, will keep your vacation home and business interests safe and sound.

Flood and Temperature Sensors: These sensors can protect your vacation home by notifying our security monitoring centre in the event that there is extreme temperature, whether hot or cold, at your property. Our staff will be able to notify you in the event of a problem so that corrective action can be taken fast enough to avoid costly damage.

Cellular Backup Monitoring: When it comes to vacation home security, you need to be prepared for the unexpected, and one way you can do this is to choose our Cellular Backup Monitoring. This service ensures that your vacation home remains safe in an emergency situation regardless of whether or not your phone line is operational. For a business, this feature could be a lifeline.

With Calgary Alarm, you’ll be able to rest a little easier, both when you’re at your vacation home and when you’re away. Vacation home security is important, and our team has the options you need to protect your interests. Call us today to see how we can help.

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