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Condo Security

When your vacation home is in a condo building, you may need to take additional efforts to ensure it remains safe while you’re away.

At Calgary Alarm, we offer a wide range of security options that are protected by our security monitoring centre, staffed by dedicated, professional and capable people. They know exactly what to do if any of the sensors we install at your property signals that there is an issue on your property that needs to be checked out.

Should a thief break attempt to break into your condo, you want the sort of home security setup that will discourage him or her from carrying out the illegal act. That’s exactly what we provide – options that will make your residence an unattractive target.

In the event that a very determined thief seeks to break in, our electronic sensors will detect what’s going on and will electronically notify our security monitoring centre. The staff at our security monitoring centre will then take whatever actions are needed to ascertain the risk, call the proper authorities and even dispatch one of our security officers to go directly to your condo to conduct an exploratory investigation.

How Our Solution Works

There are, again, lots of options we offer. One of the most important for condo security is our 24 Hour ULC Monitoring that will give you some peace of mind since it will help to prevent or notify you of burglaries, fires and environmental hazards. The thing with a vacation home is that you likely aren’t there for much of the year, so it can become an enticing target for criminals or be more susceptible to damage from hires or environmental occurrences like floods if you’re away and, therefore, unable to do anything about the situation right away. That’s where our 24 Hour ULC Monitoring comes in. When you sign up for the 24 Hour ULC Monitoring, you’ll know that we’re always watching your property. More than that, we’re ready to quickly resolve any issues that pop up. When you sign up, we’ll send one of our workers to come to your vacation home and install electronic security devices both inside and outside of your home. These devices will be linked electronically to our security monitoring centre, which is staffed around the clock. Our employees will see any information sent in by the installed sensors so that any problems are rectified soon.

How Our Solution Will Benefit You

When you choose Calgary Alarm for our 24 Hour ULC Monitoring, you will instantly have a cost-effective way to safeguard your investment. In addition to having skilled security professionals monitor your vacation home 24/7. you’ll also benefit from having electronic devices installed within and without your residence, and these devices will be tested routinely to ensure that they always function properly.

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Trust the experts to get the condo security you need. Calgary Alarm has the home security products and services your need, so go ahead and give us a call to discuss your specific needs. You’ll be glad you did.

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