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Commercial: Access Control

One of the primary security worries of business owners is a situation where someone gains unauthorized access to their facility.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep unauthorized parties off of your property. With our Access Control solution, you’ll be able to safeguard against assault, robbery and theft – the sorts of things that may materialize after a break-in.

At Calgary Alarm, we have experience in helping business owners just like you to safeguard their properties from criminals. You can trust our Access Control solution to protect the premises of your business from harms both seen and unseen.

How Our Solution Works

While our solution is high-tech, understanding it is actually quite easy.

Think of it as a security access card; cards that workers use to swipe through a device affixed to the door so that they can gain access a facility. At Calgary Alarm, we actually use this simple, yet effective, electronic card technology.

Our Access Control systems is part of our complete commercial security product offering, and you can rest assured that only authorized parties will have access to your business.

With our Access Control system, you’ll can see a sitemap of your property, giving you a real-time insight as to where your workers are. Furthermore, you’ll be able to withdraw access privileges or provide access privileges easily.

How Our Solution Will Benefit Your Business

The potential consequences that can materialize if someone manages to gain unauthorized access to your facility can be very serious – even to the point of possible injury or fatality. Having a solution like our Access Control is essential to keeping your employees safe.

With Calgary Alarms, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Limit employee access to certain areas of your building
  • Keep track of when people, even those with approved access, come and go
  • Show your staff in a tangible way that you care about their safety, and your customers will see that you are serious about protecting your commercial interests

If you own a business in Calgary, you owe it to yourself to protect it against the threat of unauthorized access. We can help.

Give us a call today to learn about how our Access Control solution can protect your human assets and business interest. Our skilled staff will answer your questions, recommend options and, if you elect to, set up a convenient time to dispatch one of our installers to get your set up.

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