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Commercial: Intrusion Alarm Monitoring

The Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that the Canadian economy is hit to the tune of $5 billion annually due to cargo theft — something that could potentially be thwarted or at least mitigated with an intrusion detection system in place. Additionally, there is the risk of employee theft and shoplifting that also hit businesses where it hurts.

At Calgary Alarm, we offer commercial intrusion alarm monitoring that will ensure that your business interests are safeguarded. When it comes to protecting your premises, you need to put some thought into choosing the right service provider and product.

We’ve been protecting businesses throughout Calgary for long enough to know what business owners like you need in a commercial intrusion alarm monitoring solution to keep your company and your staff safe.

How Our Solution Works

Choosing the best solution on the market from Calgary Alarm is the first step. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll send one of our technicians to set up commercial grade electronic sensors in strategic locations that are likely to be possible points of entry. At Calgary Alarm, we offer customization and like to give our customers choice, which is why you’ll get to choose either wired or wireless devices. We’ll offer advice on which one might be a better choice for you, but we always allow the customer to make the final decision so they can feel secure with their choices.

We will customize our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring option to specifically fits the needs of your company so that you get optimal protection from threats such as theft. While it makes sense to ensure that everyone at your company is vigilant to detect possible threats, our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring never sleeps.

The security professionals who work at our security monitoring centre will ensure that your business gets round-the-clock protection. They will be ready to act in the event that any of the installed electronic sensors activate and consequently send a message to Calgary Alarm. That way, your property will remain safe and sound.

Our staff will do the following if someone or something is picked up by the electronic sensors:

  • Call your business to gather enough information to see what the problem might be
  • Call you or anyone else you request that we call so that someone is kept abreast of the matter
  • Dispatch a security offer to go to your company and look into the matter
  • Call the police, fire department or ambulance to go to your company and render whatever assistance, medical or otherwise, is necessary

How Our Solution Will Benefit Your Business

Signing on with Calgary Alarm for your Intrusion Alarm Monitoring service is beneficial because:

  • You’ll be able to curb the possibility of employee theft
  • You’ll be able to reduce the risk of shoplifting
  • You’ll be able to lessen the odds of after-hours break-ins by criminals

Protect your business interests so that you don’t become another statistic. Theft can and often times does happen, but with the right solution in place you can prevent, or greatly reduce the chances of, a successful break-in or theft. Call us today to find out how our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring service can help you.

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