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Can you take over an alarm that I already have installed?

Yes, you can. If you want to sign with Calgary Alarm, we will arrange a convenient time to send one of our security technicians to your home to install a home security system that meets your specific requirements. Get in touch with our service centre so that we can recommend solutions for your home.

What is the keypad memory light?

If you find that your keypad memory light is on, this means that an alarm was triggered. In such cases, you can investigate further by checking your security system to determine which part of your home the sensor-triggering action occurred. You should also check your phone to see if someone from our security monitoring centre left a message, and if no messages are on your voicemail, you can call our security monitoring centre to ask if they have an update to provide.

What’s the difference between the verbal and keypad access codes?

When you arm and disarm your security system, you’ll be using your standard keypad access code. It also serves as the required verification that allows you to configure or reconfigure your system. The verbal access code is used when you contact our security monitoring centre by phone. When you provide this verbal access code, you verify that you are who you say you are, which then gives our staff the go-ahead to share account information.

How does fire protection work?

When you sign up for our fire protection, we’ll send one of our technicians to install numerous smoke alarms in your home or business facility. The high-tech sensors are configured to detect even the slightest traces of smoke. Once they detect smoke, these sensors send a notification back to our security monitoring centre, and the alarm installed in your home with sound off at a high decibel. On our end, we’ll call you and call the fire department.

My alarm is notifying me that I have a low battery. What do I do?

If the backup battery for your alarm system runs low on power, the device will send a notification to our security monitoring centre. You’ll know that the battery is low by the yellow signal that will show up on your keypad. If you are unable to change the backup battery yourself you can set up an appointment for one of our technicians to go to your home and do it for you.

How does Monitoring work?

When you sign up for one of our home security systems, one of our technicians will do the installation on your property. If one of the sensors detects abnormal activity, it will send a notification to our security monitoring centre. Our security monitoring centre will then call your residence to determine what the issue is, contact you or someone you authorize us to call to let them know what is going on, dispatch a security officer to investigate, or call the authorities.

What products does Calgary Alarm use to keep my place secure?

Our residential and commercial services can be divided up based on two categories: burglary alarm products and environmental monitoring products. Burglary alarm products include keypads, motion detectors, door and window contacts, glass break sensors, panic buttons, lawn and window decals, electronic window bars, lockbox, and security screens. Environmental monitoring products include heat detectors, low temperature sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, sump pump high water detectors and flood detectors.

What should I do if I go on holidays?

If you follow a number of procedures, you do not need to notify Calgary Alarm when you are away from home for any extended period. First, you need to ensure that the contact list that we have on file is up to date. Second, you need to arm your home security alarm. If desired, you can also send Calgary Alarm an email with the dates and/or contact list.

How do you respond to a security alarm?

When a sensor is triggered, the sensor electronically sends a notification to our security monitoring centre. One of our staff members gets the notification and, after referring to your file that is stored on our secure system, follows your instructions as per whom to call. The staff member will then, if deemed appropriate, dispatch a security officer and/or contact the authorities.

How do I avoid false alarms?

You can avoid false alarms by properly securing and locking up your home, and ensuring that everyone authorized to use your property when it is armed fully understands how to use the home security system. The majority of the systems provided by Calgary Alarm are pet friendly, up to 30lbs, so small movements throughout the house will not trigger the sensors.

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