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Faulty Fire Alarm System

Why Your Fire Alarm System Sets Off By Itself

| 24 JUL 2017

Smoke detectors have a life expectancy of 10 years from the date of manufacture, and should be replaced promptly to protect your family from fires. However, a new but faulty fire alarm system can also put your loved ones at risk. If your fire alarm system keeps setting off by itself, it is probably because…

What’s The Lifespan Of A Video Surveillance System?

| 17 JUL 2017
Lifespan Of A Video Surveillance System

Homeowners are increasingly realizing the benefits of installing a residential video surveillance system. However, the biggest concern for consumers adopting new technology-based products, such as home security systems, is how long the device can serve them before it becomes outdated. Consumers expect that their new surveillance systems featuring the latest technologies will remain relevant and…

How To Theft-Proof Your Personal Belongings While Travelling

| 10 JUL 2017
How To Prevent Baggage Theft

Compared to a decade ago, when all you needed to take care of when travelling were a passport and ATM card, and perhaps a disposable camera, today you stand to lose a lot more if you don’t take active measures to secure your personal belongings. You need to take care of your portable laptop, smartphone…

3 Common Home Break-In Methods Used By Burglars

| 3 JUL 2017
Common Home Break-In Methods Used By Burglars

Crime can affect anyone. It is unfortunate when crime affects you directly or indirectly—either as a victim, or as a person who’s afraid of becoming a victim—both of which reduce your enjoyment of life. Although many homeowners assume that burglars are “master criminals” who are highly organized and have access to specialised tools to get…

5 Ways To Keep Your Warehouse Secure

| 19 JUN 2017
Improve Warehouse And Distribution Centre Security

Your warehouse is the hub of your business operations. But with the typical massive size and intricate layout, it can be hard to maintain the efficiency, productivity and security of your warehouse or distribution centre. Addressing any vulnerabilities can help to reduce the incidence of internal threats such as embezzlement, as well external threats such…

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