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Commercial: Fire Alarm Monitoring

Running a successful company takes entrepreneurial drive as well as extensive hard work. After spending years to plan, operate and grow your company, the last thing you want is to see an entirely preventable fire wipe out everything you’ve worked hard to build over the years.

Installing fire alarms is a necessity, but these devices should not be considered as a standalone solution. Rather, they should be part of a wider system. That’s why it’s necessary to invest in the sort of Fire Alarm Monitoring that we offer at Calgary Alarm.

Many businesses in the Calgary regions rely on us to keep their properties safe from fires that can potentially cause widespread devastation in a matter of minutes. Our cutting-edge technology provides big-time protection, and it’s easy to use, which makes it a good option for business owners young and old. In other words, you don’t have to be tech savvy to be able to use the solutions we offer to our commercial customers.

How Our Solution Works

When you sign up for our Fire Alarm Monitoring, we’ll arrange to send a security technician to your company. Our team member will install a Fire Alarm Monitoring solution, which will involve strategically installing numerous sensors in your place of business. These sensors will be configured to detect even the smallest sign of smoke, so the authorities can be notified quickly at the first sign of fire.

Whenever one or more of the sensors have been activated, our security monitoring centre will do the following:

  • Phone your place of business to get information to ascertain the extent of the situation
  • Phone the main point of contact to communicate what is going on
  • Dispatch a security officer to go to your place of business
  • Call the police, fire department or ambulance to go to your place of business

How Our Solution Will Benefit Your Business

When it comes to protecting your business, we have you covered at Calgary Alarm. By selecting our Fire Alarm Monitoring, you’ll get to experience the following benefits:

  • The installed electronic sensors will, once triggered, notify our security monitoring centre right away
  • Our security professionals will immediately address any alerts received from your electronic sensors
  • Staff from our security monitoring centre will quickly dispatch a security officer as required

You don’t want to take chances when it comes to your business. Calgary Alarm has the right solution to meet the needs of your business. We believe that it makes no sense to offer an off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, we have a one-size-fits-one philosophy and that means that we’ll be able to offer you a customized solution that specifically meets your needs.

Call us today and let us answer your questions and make recommendations so that you can make an informed business decision. We’re sure that after you learn about the benefits, you’ll agree that our Fire Alarm Monitoring service is your ideal solution.

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