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Residential: Cellular Backup Monitoring

When you need to call for help during an emergency, the last thing you need is to have your plan thwarted by a dead phone line. Whether the result of a criminal who intentionally clips your phone line or a natural disaster that takes the system off line for a time, an inoperable phone is the last thing you want to deal with. Thankfully, you can put that scenario out of your mind for good with our Cellular Backup Monitoring Service.

One of the first things you’ll want to do if there’s an emergency at your home is to pick up the telephone to call for assistance. With the Cellular Backup Monitoring Service we offer at Calgary Alarm, you’ll be able to use your phone even if the line is dead or otherwise damaged. How’s that for peace of mind in an emergency situation?

How Our Solution Works

If you’re not already a Calgary Alarm customer, what comes to mind when you think of a home alarm system is usually a traditional solution that works with a phone line. However, at Calgary Alarm, we do things differently, and this entails offering cutting-edge technology.

Our Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring relies on our security system to facilitate direct communication between your home and our security monitoring centre. Because of this, you don’t need a telephone line at all.

So if your telephone line is spotty and lacking in terms of reliability, our Cellular Backup Monitoring Service is the perfect home security solution for you. Our technology has given families in Calgary unmatched security that they can rely on since they can be in touch with our security monitoring centre when there’s an emergency regardless of whether or not the phone line is operational. Give your family the same benefit.

How Our Solution Will Benefit You

What you’ll get is a complete security solution that isn’t dependent on your phone line. As a result, our Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring technology will provide you and your family with an extra layer of security that’ll help you to better deal with stressful situations, which will be particularly beneficial in the event of an emergency.

Situations where our Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring solution will benefit you include the following:

  • You’ll have protection if you or your loved ones are at home during a home invasion where the criminal has cut the phone lines
  • You’ll be able to contact our security monitoring centre in the event of an emergency even if the phone line is down
  • Your security system can alert our security monitoring centre even if your phone line is cut or fails to work

When it comes to your family and their safety, you definitely don’t want to compromise. Our Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring solution is just what you need to ensure that you can get the help you need in the event of an emergency – with or without a working telephone line. For more information, give us a call today for a no-obligation consultation.

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