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Residential: Flood & Temperature Sensors

You’ve no doubt seen news reports that showed the sort of damage and devastation that flooding can bring into the lives of families. Mother nature sometimes does some not-so-motherly things, so it’s best to be prepared just in case.

With Calgary Alarm’s Residential Flood and Temperature Sensors, however, you can avoid costly property damage and the emotional toll that such incidents can take on you and yours.

Extremes in temperature, whether too hot or too cold, can lead to conditions that are ripe for costly property damage. So, too, can floods. Additionally, there’s the hassle of filing a claim with your insurer and getting through bureaucratic red tape in order to get what you’re entitled to. With our Residential Flood and Temperature Sensors, you can act quickly if Mother Nature throws behaves badly – and this can save you money in the end.

How Our Solution Works

Don’t wait until an extreme cold spell bursts your pipes before you seriously consider getting Residential Flood and Temperature Sensors. The peace of mind of your family, and the physical integrity of your home, depend on your making the right decision.

When you contact Calgary Alarm and let us know you want Residential Flood and Temperature Sensors, we’ll come to your residence and install them in areas where these devices will have the biggest impact. As soon as they are installed and activated by one of our service professionals, these Residential Flood and Temperature Sensors will transmit a signal to our security monitoring centre whenever the water level or temperature reading gets to an unacceptable level.

The people who we employ in our security monitoring centre are specifically trained to deal with any situation that may arise, and they will promptly call either you or any party you authorize Calgary Alarm to contact post haste. You can rest assured that we’ll take every and all actions needed to protect your home against potentially costly damage. Put another way, we’ll treat your home as though it were our home.

How Our Solution Will Benefit You

At Calgary Alarm, we believe in providing a complete suite of products as part of an overall home security system – and our Residential Flood and Temperature Sensors definitely fit the bill. Regardless of the community you live in, our products will keep you and your family safe. When you sign up with Calgary Alarm, peace of mind will be yours since you’ll know that our Residential Flood and Temperature Sensors will detect problems early enough to ward off costly damage stemming from flooding and excessive temperatures

If you live in the Calgary area, you fit within our logical client profile. Calgarians live in a city where the risk of flooding and extreme temperatures is very real. Our Residential Flood and Temperature Sensors are very inexpensive, especially when you consider what you’re protecting. Don’t let your family become a statistic. Contact us today to learn how our flood and temperature sensors can help keep you, your family and your home safe.

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