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For 26 years, Calgary Alarm has serviced north of 45,000 residential and commercial clients in the Calgary area, and quite a few of these installations have involved condos.

While technologies have changed since the company was founded in 1990, Calgary Alarm, now the biggest privately owned alarm business in Alberta, has consistently grown. It has done so not only by providing superior protection against fire, intrusion and natural disaster, but also by staying on the cutting edge of technology.

If you’re looking for vacation home security for your condo, Calgary Alarm has a formidable suite of products that will help you with your condo security needs. While offering premium protection, we are also dedicated to offering affordable prices in order to remain as accessible as possible to Calgarians from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

How Our Solution Works

In order to help you with vacation home security for your condo unit, we offer numerous options. One option you should consider is our 24 Hour ULC Monitoring. With this service option, you’ll be able to receive notifications of any unauthorized access, fires or environmental hazards that threaten your vacation home condo or your family.

Since you may only be at your vacation home condo for portions of the year, you can count on the security professionals who staff our security monitoring centre to keep you abreast of the goings on at your residence. In the event of an incident, you will be notified right away, which will give you the opportunity to act quickly.

Signing up for our 24 Hour ULC Monitoring is easy. When you sign up for this service, we’ll send over one of our technicians to install security devices inside and outside of your property. These devices, if triggered by someone or something, will electronically notify the staff in our security monitoring centre, and these workers have been trained in how to deal with any potential emergency situations.

How Our Solution Will Benefit You

If your condo is not your primary residence, you may find that it is more susceptible to being targeted by criminals who take advantage of your absences. With our solution, however, you’ll have Calgary Alarm on your side, which means that our security monitoring centre will keep a watchful eye over your vacation home.

While our client books have definitely grown over the years we’ve been in business, we have not forgotten our commitment to providing quality products at affordable prices — prices that even now are lower than what many of our competitors in the industry charge.

In addition to affordable products, we also employ dedicated and professional workers — from the people in our security monitoring centre to the people who install our products — in order to provide you with a winning end-to-end solution. Trust the experts to get the condo security you need. Calgary Alarm has the home security products and the services you need, so call to discuss your specific requirements.

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