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"One of today's top concerns of managers and business owners is to prevent theft and burglaries. Business' must also protect themselves from other situations such as internal pilfering, employee fraud, shop lifting and the large liability of personnel safety."

- excerpt from Security Sales Magazine 2007

Video Surveillance

Indoor Day/Night Dome Cameras

Indoor Day/Night Dome Cameras

Outdoor Day/Night Dome Cameras

Outdoor Day/Night Dome Cameras

Sony Wireless Cameras

Sony Wireless Cameras

Panasonic Day/Night Cameras

Panasonic Day/Night Cameras

Hidden Covert Spy Cameras

This sprinkler camera is the answer to your covert needs. This is one of the most inconspicuous cameras that we carry!

1/4 Color Sprinkler Camera

1/4" Color Sprinkler

This camera blends in with virtually any Office, Warehouse or Restaurant. The Spy Cam looks just like a smoke detector! We challenge you to find where the camera is

Sony Color Super HAD CCD Smoke Detector Camera

Sony Color Super HAD
CCD Smoke Detector Camera

This Covert Spy color camera has a built in motion detector. It features a 3.7mm pinhole lens and includes its own mounting bracket.

Sony1/3 Color DSP PIR Hidden Camera

Sony1/3" Color DSP PIR
Hidden Camera

  • These Security Cameras record directly to standard memory cards.
  • View your video and photos on you PC or TV.
  • Calgary Alarm offers a video surveillance system (closed circuit television) that allows you to observe high risk areas and/or sensitive transactions. All Of which can be stored on a Digital Video Recorder.
  • Statistics have verified that national shrinkage and internal theft costs have risen close to $510 Billion annually. The best deterrent of potential internal theft is CCTV. Just the presence of a camera can deter "inaccurate" vendor delivery and the dishonest employee.
  • Cameras can be mounted for employee safety. They may be located in entries, stairwells, hallways, parking lots and elsewhere to prevent intruders and secure employee safety. A very effective way to use CCTV is with access control.

Electronic Card
Access Entry Systems

We have several types of Access Control. The most popular system uses electronic cards as "Key Cards" to your facility or highly sensitive areas within your facility (such as inventory and sensitive equipment). This replaces the old fashion key, therefore if an employee terminates there is no need to change locks, just eliminate the employee's "electronic key" from gaining access.

This system can be designed to work in conjunction with an Calgary Alarm. burglar and/or fire alarm system. If a burglar breaches an access controlled door, a signal will be sent to the burglar alarm control panel to sound an alarm. If a fire should occur in your building the unlocking of all doors is automatic. This allows the building occupants to escape to safety.

The system can also provide employee tracking in and out of the building and sensitive areas. The reports give a detail of who entered and left and the time they entered or left certain areas.

There is unlimited opportunities for any business for using Access Control.

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