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5 Ways To Deter Burglars From Your Home This Spring

5 Tips For Improving Your Home Security For Spring

| 16 MAY 2017

It is spring time, and everyone is excited to open the curtains, windows, and doors to let in as much sunlight as possible. However, thieves and burglars are also up and about, looking for homes that are easy to invade. And when you forget to close all your windows, doors and curtains, you set yourself…

3 Common Fire Alarm Problems And How To Fix Them

| 10 MAY 2017
3 Ways To Prevent Annoying Fire Alarm Chirps

When installing a fire alarm system, it is important that you install at least one of each of the available types: ionization alarms that are triggered by flaming fires, and photoelectric alarms that are triggered by smoldering fires. As useful as fire alarm systems may be, they may cause you to panic or lose sleep…

How To Choose The Best Security System For A Small Business

| 2 MAY 2017
Top Requirements For A Small Business Security System

There are many challenges to running a successful small business, largely due to the limited resources and capital. You should invest in a strong business security system to protect your few assets, such as your computer systems, inventory and data, as losing them could devastate your operations. So, how do you determine the best security…

Your Residential Security Checklist: Essential Features To Keep Your Home Safe

| 26 APR 2017
Residential Security Checklist

Being a homeowner can come with a lot of worries, especially surrounding the safety and security of your family. There are many options for residential security systems, especially as technology advances, making smart home monitoring and home automation more attainable for all. There are many reasons people choose to install residential security systems. They protect…

Why You Should Avoid DIY Home Alarm Systems

| 19 APR 2017
Avoid DIY Home Alarm Systems

There are many reasons you may consider a DIY home alarm system. They are widely available at stores, and are an inexpensive option for those who want to ramp up their home security while saving money. While there are many effective DIY home alarm systems available, they are also difficult to install, and if installed…

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