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Faulty Fire Alarm System

Why Your Fire Alarm System Sets Off By Itself

| 24 JUL 2017

Smoke detectors have a life expectancy of 10 years from the date of manufacture, and should be replaced promptly to protect your family from fires. However, a new but faulty fire alarm system can also put your loved ones at risk. If your fire alarm system keeps setting off by itself, it is probably because…

History Of Fire Alarm Systems

| 10 MAR 2017
Fire Alarm System History

Each year, there are an abundance of house fires in Canada that end up taking the lives of many people, many in homes that do not have proper fire prevention systems in place. Needless to say, the fire alarm system is a lifesaver, and its history deserves a mention. History of Fire Alarm Systems The…

Your Guide To Fire Alarm Maintenance

| 26 JUN 2016
7 Tips To Prevent Fire Alarm Failure

A properly installed and maintained fire alarm system is critical for the safety of your loved ones and valuables. National fire reports claim that about 60 percent of home fire fatalities occur in properties with non-functional smoke alarms. It is unfortunate that such smart investments can be so useless when an emergency arises, simply because…

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