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Common Home Break-In Methods Used By Burglars

3 Common Home Break-In Methods Used By Burglars

| 3 JUL 2017

Crime can affect anyone. It is unfortunate when crime affects you directly or indirectly—either as a victim, or as a person who’s afraid of becoming a victim—both of which reduce your enjoyment of life. Although many homeowners assume that burglars are “master criminals” who are highly organized and have access to specialised tools to get…

5 Ways To Keep Your Warehouse Secure

| 19 JUN 2017
Improve Warehouse And Distribution Centre Security

Your warehouse is the hub of your business operations. But with the typical massive size and intricate layout, it can be hard to maintain the efficiency, productivity and security of your warehouse or distribution centre. Addressing any vulnerabilities can help to reduce the incidence of internal threats such as embezzlement, as well external threats such…

Why Fake Security Signs Won’t Deter Burglars

| 20 MAR 2017
Ineffectiveness Of Fake Security Signs

Perhaps you are currently using one of those fake security signs that typically goes like this: “Home Protected by [Insert Company]. Not only are these signs ineffective, but they actually increase the chances that your home will be targeted by a potential burglar. This is true not only for signs with an fake security alarm…

3 Security Tips For Winterizing Your Home

| 17 JAN 2017
Winter Security Tips

There is more to winterizing your home than weatherstripping and cleaning your chimneys, although this is important, too! It is also imperative to consider the security aspect, which means protecting your home from the threat of a burglary, a fire, water damage and more. The good news is that it is possible to reduce these…

Tips To Prevent Burglars From Cutting Your Phone Line

| 12 DEC 2016
Preventing Burglars From Cutting Phone Lines

You and your family are much safer with a home security system and even more safe with a 24-hour monitoring system, but burglars are commonly professionals who have a repertoire of ways to break into your home. One of the ways they can do this is by rendering your security system useless by cutting your…

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