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Do You Need A Home Security System?

Deciding If A Home Security System Is Right For Yo...

| 27 JUN 2016

Last year in Canada, there were over 150,000 break-ins, and in Alberta alone there were over 20,000 reported cases. Canada is still a safe place to live, and the rate of break-and-enters is falling each year, coinciding with the growth of the home security market. Home security systems are effective at deterring crime from happening…

Your Guide To Fire Alarm Maintenance

| 26 JUN 2016
7 Tips To Prevent Fire Alarm Failure

A properly installed and maintained fire alarm system is critical for the safety of your loved ones and valuables. National fire reports claim that about 60 percent of home fire fatalities occur in properties with non-functional smoke alarms. It is unfortunate that such smart investments can be so useless when an emergency arises, simply because…

4 Benefits Of A Home Security System

| 20 JUN 2016
Benefits Of A Home Security System

Home security systems mean a safer home and better protection for your valuables, but there are many other ancillary benefits from being closely connected to home. It’s a tool for improving the experience of being a homeowner; so let’s examine the subtle benefits of home security systems. Ensuring a minimum quality of service Unlike people…

4 Ways To Keep Your Teens Safe While You’re Away

| 13 JUN 2016
Keeping Your Teens Safe While You’re Away

Children aren’t always aware of the steps parents take to ensure their safety and well-being, so when you start to entrust them to take care of themselves and the home, things can go wrong. To help them adapt to their new responsibilities, you can give them the tools to help them learn how to be…

How To Clean Your CCTV Camera Lens

| 6 JUN 2016
How To Clean Your CCTV Camera Lens

Like any other glass surface that’s outside, a CCTV camera lens will eventually require cleaning so that it can perform its best while protecting you and your property. Luckily it doesn’t require frequent cleaning nor is it hard to clean. CCTV resolution CCTVs are meant to record for hours at a time, and the longer…

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