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Why Small Businesses Need A Security System

7 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Security Sys...

| 28 NOV 2016

It is commonly thought that security systems are only necessary for big businesses. However, even small businesses are not immune to outside threats including burglary or fires. Further, even with a small number of employees, it is not uncommon for employees to engage in theft or to try to gain access to unauthorized areas of…

Best Uses For Hidden Security Cameras

| 21 NOV 2016
Hidden Security Camera Uses

Security is a pressing matter these days and while security systems are increasingly being used, hidden security cameras are the most used. Hidden security cameras come with a range of features, including portability and night vision, making them well suited to being used in a wide variety of settings. Here are some of the best…

Benefits Of Access Control

| 14 NOV 2016
Access Control Benefits

Access control, an electronic card that is given to employees to gain access to a building, is of great benefit to commercial businesses as access control only allows authorized individuals to enter the building. Immediately, you can see the security benefits that access control offers, but there’s also more. Increased Security Given that access control…

6 Security Tips For Your Condo

| 7 NOV 2016
Condo Security Tips

Those who live in condos are also at an increased security risk, even though it is common for people to see their personal safety as less of a concern. First and foremost, always lock your doors — even when you’re home. Here are some additional security tips to ensure that you and your family stay…

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