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Reducing False Alarms

4 Tips To Reduce False Alarms

| 31 MAR 2017

False alarms, whether home security false alarms or false fire alarms, are very problematic. First and foremost, they take resources away from people who are actually having a real emergency. You can reduce all false alarms, regardless of the system, with regular maintenance at least twice a year. Reducing False Fire Alarms: Keep Smoke &…

Tips To Prevent Your Pets From Triggering False Alarms

| 20 FEB 2017
Preventing Pets From Triggering False Alarms

False alarms are a pain to deal with, both for yourself and your security company. They can waste time and result in costly false alarm fees, and they can cause tension between you and your neighbours if they are repeatedly going off in your home. They waste police resources. Worse yet, you may be hesitant…

Tips To Prevent False Alarms

| 24 OCT 2016
Preventing False Alarms

False alarms ultimately take police’s time away from those who are in real danger. Not only are false alarms a source of embarrassment and frustration, but they can negatively impact your your security provider and may even upset your community. They can also result in expensive fees. Even worse, they may make it more likely…

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