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Protocol For Your Stolen Car

What To Do If Your Car Has Been Stolen

| 26 DEC 2016

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a car is stolen every seven seconds in Canada. If you’ve checked the parking lot multiple times only to have it finally set in that your car has been stolen, it is important to act immediately. Here is what to do if your car has been stolen. What…

Anti-Theft Tips For Your Motorcycle

| 19 DEC 2016
Motorcycle Anti-Theft Tips

Theft is a serious issue for motorcyclists. There are two types of thieves — those who steal motorcycles on the spot because the opportunity for them to do is there or those who specifically target bikes. The problem with motorcycle theft is that bikes are typically not recovered because they are taken apart and sold…

Tips To Prevent Burglars From Cutting Your Phone Line

| 12 DEC 2016
Preventing Burglars From Cutting Phone Lines

You and your family are much safer with a home security system and even more safe with a 24-hour monitoring system, but burglars are commonly professionals who have a repertoire of ways to break into your home. One of the ways they can do this is by rendering your security system useless by cutting your…

Common Methods Used By Burglars To Disable Your Security System

| 5 DEC 2016
Methods Burglars Use To Disable Security Systems

Calgary has experienced the largest increase in crime across Canada, including break and enters. While security systems have been statistically proven to reduce the chance that your home will be targeted by a burglar, there is the potential that these systems can still be disabled, leaving you and your home in a very vulnerable position.…

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