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Discussing Emergencies With Children

5 Emergency Situations To Discuss With Your Small ...

| 22 AUG 2016

Preparing your children for a possible emergency is very important. If they are aware of potential emergencies that could arise and have knowledge of what to do, it is much more likely that these children will respond quickly and effectively and be less prone to panic, which could make the emergency less distracted. In fact,…

Finding The Right Placement For CO Alarms

| 15 AUG 2016
Placing CO Alarms

Carbon monoxide is a toxic substance that prevents your body from properly transporting oxygen. It is commonly thought of as a “silent killer” because its presence is not detected by the body. Exposure to high concentrations of carbon monoxide can result in quick poisoning or, alternatively, if exposure builds up over time, it can happen…

Is A Bolted Safe Without A Monitored Alarm Safe?

| 8 AUG 2016
Is A Bolted Safe Without A Monitored Alarm Safe?

Safes are supposed to protect extremely valuable items, such as cash, jewellry and important documents from the threat of thieves, floods and fires. In theory, bolted safes are intended to increase security even more by bolting it to the floor, making it very difficult to be carried out by burglars. Considering the fact that there…

7 Ways To Protect Your Belongings While Staying In A Hotel

| 1 AUG 2016
Protecting Your Belongings In A Hotel

When staying in a hotel, there are a variety of threats to your belongings if you don’t take precautionary measures. More serious threats are coming to light. Four million hotel rooms all across the world can be broken into via key card locks manufactured by Onity, for example, which can be opened in a matter…

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