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4 Benefits Of A Home Security System

| 20 JUN 2016

Benefits Of A Home Security System

Home security systems mean a safer home and better protection for your valuables, but there are many other ancillary benefits from being closely connected to home. It’s a tool for improving the experience of being a homeowner; so let’s examine the subtle benefits of home security systems.

Ensuring a minimum quality of service

Unlike people and vehicles, homes are immobile. Businesses send workers to homes to provide services such as mail delivery, power line management, tree removal, etc. For homeowners who often don’t have someone at home, they can only inspect the results after the job is done and hope that the employee sent was professional. With the use of CCTV cameras, employee conduct can be reviewed, and in some cases catch impropriety that happened on the premise of the home. Other relevant services include:

  • Dog walkers
  • Cleaning services
  • Lawn care
  • Babysitters

Use it as a conflict resolution tool

Dashboard cameras that are placed inside cars to record the events leading up to incidents are quickly gaining popularity because they provide stronger evidence than he-said-she-said reports in situations that usually rely on eyewitness accounts. Similarly, when friction arises between neighbours, recorded footage can be useful in clearing up misconceptions. In addition, problems can also occur between homeowners and community associations, such as homeowners associations, which specify the rules that the neighbourhood should follow, such as:

  • Maximum allowable grass height;
  • Types and quantity of vegetation allowed in gardens; and
  • Cleanliness and appearance of the home on the outside.

Deal with issues remotely

For people who travel frequently, having a problem arise at home presents a difficult situation because it can mean choosing between cutting a trip short to return home immediately and delaying a resolution to the problem. Your home security system can deliver up-to-date information on your home regarding thermostat, flooding, and fire emergencies as well as attempted break-ins. With that information the proper authorities can be notified and the appropriate repairs can be arranged.

Control the thermostat

Some estimates show that around 10 per cent of energy use goes towards heating and cooling in homes and buildings. For homes that don’t program their thermostat optimally, on average, homeowners are wasting 20 per cent of that energy. The following tips will help save on the bill:

  • Turning the thermostat off at night
  • Keeping heating and cooling at a minimum when no one is home
  • Relying on central heating and cooling for temperature control

Home security systems are becoming more versatile to help homeowners stay informed. Keep an eye on your home without being at home all the time.


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