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What To Do If Your Car Has Been Stolen

| 26 DEC 2016

Protocol For Your Stolen Car

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a car is stolen every seven seconds in Canada. If you’ve checked the parking lot multiple times only to have it finally set in that your car has been stolen, it is important to act immediately. Here is what to do if your car has been stolen.

What To Do If Your Car Has Been Stolen:

  1. Call the Police. File a report with them and be sure to write down the report number. They will ask you for some information, including: your contact information, the make, model and year of your car, the vehicle identification number (VN) and when and where you last saw your car.
  2. Call your insurance company and file a claim. They will ask for similar information that you gave in your police report, as well as the police report number.

Most Common Effective Ways To Find Your Stolen Car:

  • Check Your Home Security Camera Systems

    This can increase the likelihood that you will be able to find your car if you have a clear image of the thief via your home security camera. Consider also speaking with business owners and ask them to access their security system if your car was stolen near their place of business.

  • Find Your Car With VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

    Go to Autocheck and get a vehicle history report for your car. This will give you a list of the places where your car was registered and serviced, information that can be useful in finding your vehicle.

  • See If Your Car Has Any Parking Violations

    Sometimes, a car will be parked somewhere before it is abandoned. If your car was given a ticket, there should be a record of this in the database, which you should be able to access online. If your car is indeed in the database and you go to the location of the car, contact the police immediately if your car is there. Do not approach the car on your own.

  • Check Online For Stolen Parts For Sale

    It is not uncommon for thieves to post stolen car parts on websites like Craigslist. If you notice parts from your car for sale, contact the police to accompany you to the seller’s house under the guise that you’re interested in the parts. Do not attempt this by yourself.

  • Call Cab Companies

    Depending on your city, cabs generally outnumber police cars. It can be worthwhile to contact cab companies and ask them to be on the lookout for your car. Be sure to mention that a reward will be involved in the event that they find your car.

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