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Prevent Overnight Intruders

How a 24 Hour Alarm Can Prevent Overnight Intruder...

| 12 APR 2017

A home alarm system should protect you, your family and your home from all possible emergencies, from fire to intruders and everything in between. As a homeowner, home invasion is a frightening possibility, especially for those who live with children, the less physically abled, and those who keep valuable possessions in their home. Burglaries or…

3 Amazing Smart Homes From Around The World

| 5 APR 2017

As technology advances, home automation services are now making it possible to keep you and your loved ones safer than ever. An automated home, or a smart home, can provide many options for ease, convenience, and most importantly, safety and security. Smart homes allow you to control housing features such as lighting, temperature, appliances and…

4 Tips To Reduce False Alarms

| 31 MAR 2017
Reducing False Alarms

False alarms, whether home security false alarms or false fire alarms, are very problematic. First and foremost, they take resources away from people who are actually having a real emergency. You can reduce all false alarms, regardless of the system, with regular maintenance at least twice a year. Reducing False Fire Alarms: Keep Smoke &…

How To Know When To Replace Your Video Surveillance System

| 24 MAR 2017
When To Replace Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems offer numerous benefits to both homeowners and business owners alike, including small and large businesses. Video surveillance systems provide an extra layer of security and protection by deterring crime. The recordings are also an invaluable asset in the event that an emergency unfolds. For homeowners, video surveillance allows you to monitor your…

Why Fake Security Signs Won’t Deter Burglars

| 20 MAR 2017
Ineffectiveness Of Fake Security Signs

Perhaps you are currently using one of those fake security signs that typically goes like this: “Home Protected by [Insert Company]. Not only are these signs ineffective, but they actually increase the chances that your home will be targeted by a potential burglar. This is true not only for signs with an fake security alarm…

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