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3 Amazing Smart Homes From Around The World

| 5 APR 2017

As technology advances, home automation services are now making it possible to keep you and your loved ones safer than ever. An automated home, or a smart home, can provide many options for ease, convenience, and most importantly, safety and security. Smart homes allow you to control housing features such as lighting, temperature, appliances and security. These features can be controlled wirelessly and remotely through mobile devices.

While this can lead to greater ease and convenience, one of the biggest advantages is increased home security. Smart home monitoring means you can keep an eye on your home at all times, which can be especially helpful if your children are home while you are at work. Additionally, it allows for alarm systems to be remotely activated, as well as a plethora of other security options.
For inspiration, here’s a look at some amazing smart homes, from all over the world!

  1. Elegant Home Automation in San Francisco
    Elegant Home Automation In San Francisco
    Scott MacFiggen and Regina Bustamante both work in tech, so it’s no wonder they have a home installed with cutting edge home automation technology. Their Noe Valley home is elegant and modern, and their smart home features fit into this aesthetic perfectly.

    Scott and Regina wanted their home automation to be seamless, efficient and safe. Their home features:

    • Weather station tracking, which adjusts the thermostat according to the temperature and humidity levels
    • Environmentally-friendly features that allow the residents to produce more energy than they use, and to charge their electric car
    • Video surveillance providing a live stream of the East Bay, giving the home a stunning “digital window”
    • Virtual keys to give to friends when the residents are out of town
  2. Environmentalism in GermanyEnvironmentalism In GermanyThe Heliotrope in Freiburg, Germany was the first structure to generate more energy than it uses. Designed by German architect Rolf Disch, the Heliotrope features:
    • Entirely renewable energy, zero emissions and CO2 neutrality
    • The ability to rotate in order to make the most of the solar energy available
    • Combined heat and power unit
    • Grey-water cleansing system
    • Food compost system
    • Geothermal heat exchanger
    • 6.6 kw dual-axis solar PV tracking panel
  3. Maximum Security in Colorado
    Maximum Security In ColoradoThe “Maximum Security Mansion” in Evergreen, Colorado, appears rustic and woodsy while hiding a six million dollar security system. Located on a 32-acre estate, the security features include:

    • Thermal imaging cameras
    • Night vision cameras
    • Monitoring from smartphones, tablets, or computers anywhere in the world

As technology rapidly advances, so do the many options for home automation. Contact us at Calgary Alarm today to discuss how we can use smart home monitoring to increase the efficiency, ease, appearance and safety of your home!


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