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Is It Important To Have Flood And Temperature Sensors At Home?

| 18 JUL 2016

Protect Yourself From Property Damage With Flood And Temperature Sensors

Extreme hot and cold weather, as well as unforeseen flooding, can cause property damage. Your pipes can freeze, cellars and storage areas can become too hot, and inclement weather can strike on short notice—leaving your home full of water. Many people are beginning to rely on flood and temperature sensors in their homes in order to hedge themselves against these possibilities. Below are some of the reasons why it makes sense to have flood and temperature sensors installed as part of your home security system.

Preemptive notification of potential flooding.

When flood sensors are installed in the areas of your home that are most sensitive to potential water damage, the sensors will send an alert to your service provider the minute they detect an impending flood, before the water has a chance to cause serious damage. In the unfortunate event that a pipe bursts, or snowfall begins to melt more rapidly than expected, your flood sensor will detect a leak, or flood conditions before they have the chance to do any significant damage.

Complete temperature control.

Keeping your house at a stable temperature has much farther reaching implications than simply how hot or cold you feel, or how much energy you are using. Too much heat can be disastrous, especially for children, elderly family members and pets, who are probably not as mobile and not able to regulate the temperature inside the house safely and accurately. Temperature sensors allow you to not only be notified when the ambient temperature is too hot, or too cold—which could potentially damage your home and harm your family members—it also sends out a signal and notifies you of any dramatic changes in temperature, which you can then react to remotely via your smart home systems integration via your cell phone or tablet.

Powerful duo.

Individually, flood and temperature sensors are very effective. Have them working in conjunction, and that effectiveness goes up exponentially. A freeze or heat sensor in your home will allow you to either shut off the water in the event that your house drops below a certain temperature, allowing you to avoid costly, potentially disastrous frozen pipe situations, which could then damage the pipes and subsequently result in a flood, a twofold problem.

Protecting your home means making sure that the elements, along with any internal processes and devices, are not damaging important structural components of your home. It also means being able to control and respond to potentially disastrous situations quickly and reliably. Temperature and flood sensors in your home allow you that peace of mind.


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